GPS User Custom Fields

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This article assumes that you have the correct permissions to create User Custom fields. Not all users are allowed to do this.

You need to have _EditCustomField privilege enabled at your application level in order to perform tis action.

Create the custom fields

1. Add Custom fields by clicking on the panel menu in the Vehicles panel and select Manage Custom Fields.

2. Select the Field type of your choice and their default values

3. Click on Save.

Add the custom fields to the User Types

Click on the Panel Menu and select User Type Editor.

2. Select User Type to edit.

3. Expand the Details step.

Here you’ll find your available custom fields. Make them visible, hidden, or mandatory by checking on the boxes for each field.

4. Finally, click on Save.

The selected custom fields can now be found in the user properties.

Display Custom Fields

To display Custom Fields in the Vehicles list, you can right-click in the columns and add them.

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