GPS: How to Add Users

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Administrators, operators, GPS devices, etc, in Assignar GPS Tracking are all considered users. Their purpose is to store user-related information or device data in them.


There are different kinds of users you can create. These are defined in user types.


Which one to choose

This table summarizes which user type you should select depending on its purpose:



Login to the application?

Plugin dependency

Counts in license?


Administrator of an application.





A tracking device (GPS unit/tracker).





A user associated to a driver.





A user for basic maintenance purposes.





Create a custom user.




How to create a user

There are different ways to create a user in Assignar GPS Tracking:

  • Manually (as explained below)

  • Batch import users

  • Using REST API

Creating a user (manually)

1. Log in to your application

2. To add a device, click the +Device button. If you want to add another type of user, click the down arrow, and select the correct user type. See table above for different user types.


3. Fill in the required details

4. Click on Save

You've now created your first user!

*Note: if you selected another user type (e.g. Operator), the +Device button will now read +Operator. This saved history on the button saves time if you need to create another user of the same type. If you need to add a user with another user type, simply click the down arrow to access another user type.


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