Edit an In-Progress Form Result

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Who this article is for

  • Dashboard Users with access to Forms in the Assignar Web App
  • Those responsible for reviewing Forms submitted from the field
  • Note: starting July 1, 2024 all form results will be found in Field DataForms


There may be cases where you may need to edit a worker's Form that is in progress (has not been submitted). For example, if an incident occurred on site and someone from the field has started a Form and then called head office to let them know about the incident, the person in the office may want to continue the Form and let the person in the field deal with the issue.


How to edit an in-progress Form

  1. Go to Field Data > Forms
  2. Select the Form you want to edit
  3. Make changes as required
  4. Save or Submit


Once you Save your changes

The Form will remain In Progress, which will allow the worker to continue updating the form as required.


Once you Submit your changes

The Form will remain Completed. The worker will still be able to continue updating the form as required.

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