Dashboard User Access (User Management)

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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A dashboard user can grant access to another dashboard user if *User Management Access is toggled on his/her profile.

To get to the User Access settings click on User in the main menu - Dashboard Users - open up the user profile in question - click User Access.


User Access

If the buttons are toggled (blue), it will allow users access to view and/or edit modules.

  • Add Projects/Clients - add/edit/delete projects and clients

  • Add Tasks/Assets - add/edit/delete certificates, assets, tasks/task groups

  • Documents - add/edit/delete documents

  • Skills Competencies - add/edit/delete skills/skills group, competencies and Inductions

  • Orders – add/edit/delete orders and allocations

  • View timesheets/Dockets - add/edit/delete timesheets and dockets

  • Add Users - add/edit/delete users

  • SMS - user can send/receive SMS in the system

  • View Reports - create and generate reports **This needs to be toggled in order to see the notification icons located on upper top left of the screen

  • Forms - create/edit/delete forms

  • Payroll - access payroll information

  • Invoices - view invoices

  • Charge Rates - view and edit charge rates

  • Pay Rates - view and edit pay rates

  • Chargeable Items - view and edit chargeable items on an order

  • Suppliers - add/edit/delete supplier information

  • *User Access Management - can grant or revoke User Access permissions to another Dashboard user (but only for modules/functions that they have access to themselves)

  • Settings - view and edit settings

  • Data Import - allow users to import data in Settings module

  • Edit Asset Ranking - view and edit asset ranking

  • Edit Supplier Ranking - view and edit supplier ranking

  • Webhooks - allow users to administer webhooks

**Scheduler - there is currently no option to disable this module for specific user


Premium Access

  • Insights - please contact your Customer Success Manager to get premium access, others click here on how to request access.

Restricted Access

  • Form Results only - users only has access to the Form Results

  • Read Only - users only view screens in the modules as defined by the other toggle switches

  • Disable Tag Actions - users cannot add or delete tags in any modules.

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