Using the Unified Calendar and Timeline in Scheduler

Joshua McKinnon
Joshua McKinnon
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The Scheduler brings together two ways to plan your work. You can view a Calendar of your Resources' time, or you can view the Timeline of Orders and Projects. 

Resource Calendar

Use the Calendar view in Scheduler to see where your resources are allocated, and to allocate them to work.

To allocate a worker:

  1. press View Orders to open the orders drawer.

  2. Select an order

  3. then a task

  4. If it requires an asset, then select the asset below.

  5. Now click on the worker and day to allocate.

Work Timeline

The Timeline shows Projects, Orders and Tasks. You can track and update your work here, as well as create new orders.

Here are some things you can do in the Timeline

Show Projects and Orders, or Just Orders

You can choose to show Projects, and their Orders, or just show Orders using the Show: selector at the top of the screen.

View and Update Orders

Need to make changes to an Order? You can:

  • Select the coloured dot to change the order status.

  • Drag the order's bar in the timeline to move, extend or shorten the order. Tasks will now update too, as we describe elsewhere.

  • Use the Filter Timeline button (top-right) to show orders for one-or-more clients, projects and more. You can also now filter on multiple order statuses, so you can show only New and In Progress orders.

Use the three dots on each line to:

  • Move the timeline to show the start or end of an order.

  • Edit an order

  • Edit a task (which opens the Order Edit view at that particular task).

  • Allocate a task (this brings the Allocation view from the traditional Order details view). 

Tip: Show Work To Be Done

You can just show all your orders in the next two weeks to give a clear view of how you are tracking:

  1. Set the start date to today, and the duration to two weeks

  2. Select List: Orders

  3. Go to the timeline filters, and check Only show orders in the selected range.

This is what that looks like:

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