Order Templates & Order Copy for Faster Scheduling

Joshua McKinnon
Joshua McKinnon
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If you have any Orders with repeat work, we recommend you to setup Order Templates to schedule faster.  If you repeat work for the same Client or on the Same Project you can also save a good deal of time by using the Duplicate Order option.


How to create a Order Template from an existing Order

  1. Go to the Scheduler
  2. Find an Order with repeatable work.
  3. Next to the Order name, tap the more_vert.pngicon
  4. Tap Edit Order
  5. In the Order's details, tap Create Template
  6. Make changes as required.
  7. Save

Next Time you Create an Order you will see this option in your list of templates.

Duplicating Orders

If you need to repeat a piece of work that you've already done for a client, Duplicate Order might be a good option for you.

Simply click the 3 dot menu at the end of the order name and choose duplicate order.

Next you will be asked if you want to duplicate assignments, meaning to rebook the same resources.  You can choose Yes or No.  Then you will be brought to the order details page so you can fine tune the order before saving and having it appear on the scheduler.

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