Insights Chapter 12 : Analysing Form Results Data - Part 2

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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In the previous article we learnt about analysing form results by entity associations like clients, projects etc. Also by “assign on submit” and by form submissions (who submitted the form - fieldworker or office employee).

This article talks about how you pull questions and answers into the form result report.

In order to do so, you need to use, Question from Form Results Detail, Depending on the Question Type you select.

If your question type is 

  1. Number then you choose “Answer Number“ 

  2. Worker then you choose “Full Name“ or any other attribute from “Answer Fieldworker Entity“

  3. Equipment/Asset then you choose any other attribute from “Answer Equipment/Asset Entity“

  4. Everything else you choose “Answer Text“


If you need to aggregate(sum) the answers which were of the question type number, you could you the measure “Sum of Results Answer Number“

Payroll Reports

Multiple times specially for Payroll Reports we need to create a report in a particular format., where we need to have the answers sitting underneath the questions.

In those case, you simply need to

  1. Pull the Questions in.

  2. Pivot the Questions

  3. Pull the “Results Answers“ from Form Result Details Answers.


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