Insights Chapter 8 : How to Create a Dashboard?

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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What is a dashboard?

A Dashboard is like a dash of a car, which at a glance gives you the heath of your car.

Similarly a dashboard in Insights too, should be created to give you a glance of the health of your business and operations.Every dashboard is created of multiple reports. These reports should then bring out the narrative that the business operations managers would like to tell the supervisors.

Fig 1 : The above dashboard consists of multiple reports which now gives us a narrative and at a glance tells us what is the state of the business for a particular day. We know that we have 5 projects running, 5 orders to be executed with 5 tasks to be completed, and 25 fieldworkers and 2 assets that need to go out.


What is a dashboard filter?

When you are on a dashboard you want to be able to filter all the different views using the same criteria to keep the narrative consistent. Hence there will be a need to create a dashboard filter.

All Dashboard filters override the report filters.

Fig 2: The above dashboard shows 1 set of filters that can be applied to all the views of the dashboard.

Please watch the video below if you want more information on report filters versus dashboard filters



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