Insights Chapter 7 : Geo Spatial Maps

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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What is Geo Spatial Analysis?

Any data element used which has a geographic component like latitude, longitude, street addresses or postcodes can be used for geo spatial analysis.

For example, if you want to have a look at where all your work orders are going to take place, you can use the Map chart visualise this data. Just make sure you always select the dimension “……For Map“. e.g if you want to look at Timesheets use the dimension “Timesheet Location1 For Map“.

You can Zoom In and Zoom Out of the Map using the + and - signs in the visualisation area.

However, you feel circles are too small, then you can change those circles to icons by going to Edit → Points → Select Icon in the Type Section

If you further want to add a design to those icon, like a gavel, you can do so by going to Edit → Points → Select Gavel in the Icon Section

If you want to create a Heatmap to see key areas from where you get the maximum orders, you can do so by going to Edit → Plot → Select Automagic Heatmap.

The colours will represent the volume of the orders from a particular location

If you want to combine heatmap effect but with circles then you need just change 1 setting by going to 

Edit → Points → Change Radius Units to Pixels.

The colours and the radius in the above chart both represent the volume of the measure.


For more information please see the below video.


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