Updating Order Dates

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Work Orders are central to managing your business with Assignar, and we've been working hard to improve your experience. You can now more-reliably move, shorten and extend work orders. Assignar will adjust the order tasks, and let you know of any impacts to order tasks and allocations that can't be accommodated.

Moving Orders

When you change the start date of a Work Order, Assignar now automatically moves the Order Task dates to match. 

If your order tasks have allocations, and you need to move the order, Assignar can't yet move your allocations, so here is what happens:

  • If task dates before and after the change overlap, then any allocations for those days remain unchanged.

  • Allocations that no longer align with a task date are deleted.

  • Task dates added as a result of the move have no allocations.

Before committing any change that deletes tasks or allocations, Assignar will clearly warn you of the impact of your change. You can see this in action here, where we move an order in the Planner:

  • We moved the Order forward by 8 days.

  • Allocations from the first 8 days of the original order are deleted.

  • Allocations for the part of the order that overlaps, remain.

  • There are no allocations for the last 8 days of the order, after the change.

Changing Order Duration

You can change the Order's duration by changing the end date of the order, or by changing the new Duration field in the Order form. In this case:

  • If you shorten the order, then tasks and allocations can be deleted from the end of the order. Assignar will provide a clear indication of how many tasks and allocations will change.

  • If you extend the order, tasks are not currently extended - no change will be made to any task or allocation.

Moving And Changing Duration

It's possible to both move an order, and change it's duration at the same time. In this case, the behaviour is similar to what is described above. The important thing to remember is that Assignar will always provide a clear warning before any task date or allocation is deleted.

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