Allocations — September 2021

  • Updated

Fieldworker app version 4.7.0 and above

In the Fieldworker app, it's always been easy to see today's Allocation - it's always front and centre in the Allocations screen. Now it's easy to find any allocation, whether it's today (that will still be there when you open to Allocations screen), or any time in the past or future, with our Allocations calendar.

The days you are allocated this week are conveniently highlighted with a coloured dot under the date - Green for confirmed, Yellow for pending and Red for declined allocations. Simply select a date to see the allocation(s) for that day. Tap the week range at the top of the view to bring up a calendar so you can quickly jump to your allocation for any day. 

Summary of What's New

  • All your allocations - Pending, Confirmed, and Declined - are shown together.

  • Quickly view any day's allocation for this week, with just one tap on the day.

  • Find any allocation, at any time by tapping the week selector.


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