Fieldworker Availability & Allocations

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Fieldworker Availability will allow your workers the ability to tell you when they are unavailable. This will then show up when you are allocating so you don't schedule workers when they are not  available. 


  1. Create an order and allocate tasks. 

  2. Click on Allocations > Fieldworkers 

  3. There is a red calendar icon with a X in it. This means the worker is unavailable during the dates in your order. 

NOTE: You are still able to allocate the worker, as they might be able to work part of the during of the order. 

Scheduler BETA

If you have access to our Scheduler, then it will show the worker as unavailable on the days with their unavailable date is phased out. 

  1. Go to View Orders > Find your Order > Click on Task you want to allocate. 

  2. When you hover on the tile that matches the worker and the date, you will see it lined out and it will tell you the worker is unavailable. 

NOTE: You are still able to allocate the worker.

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