Create a Digital Docket (Ticket) Template

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Why use Digital Dockets (Tickets)?

Digital dockets (tickets) will help make manual paper processes, lost dockets, illegible handwriting, and manual data entry a thing of the past. With digital dockets (tickets), you'll receive dockets in real-time with all the data you need to invoice jobs.

Navigating Dockets (Tickets)

To find Dockets (Tickets), go to Field DataDockets (Tickets)

Across the top of your dockets (tickets) page, there are three main tabs: 

  1. Completed - once a docket (ticket) has been submitted, it can be found here
  2. Captured - uploaded photos of paper dockets (tickets) can be found here
  3. Templates - this is where you can create docket (ticket) templates

Additional navigation features:

  • Advanced Search - allows you to search for specific dockets (tickets) 
  • Column Preferences () - allows you to select which columns you want to view

How to create a docket (ticket) template

Add a new template

  1. Go to Field Data > Dockets (Tickets)
  2. Click on the Templates tab
  3. Click New Template
  4. Enter a Name and Description for the template
  5. Click Create

Build the template

1. Start at the left (under Configure) and select what this docket (ticket) should be associated with. Each selection will appear as a field on the docket (ticket). The window on the right (Preview) provides a preview of the docket (ticket).
Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 11.30.38 AM.png

2. After configuring, click Add Question to begin building your template. Similar to above, you can view a Preview of any questions you add on the window on the right.
Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 11.36.10 AM.png

3. If you want to customize how this docket (ticket) is arranged upon export, you'll need to set up custom printing. To learn how to set up custom printing, read this article.

4. When the template is ready to be published, check the Published box (under Configure), then Save & Close

  • Note: If the template is not ready to be published or you need to finish building at a later time, leave the Published box unchecked and click Save & Close. You'll be able to return to finish and publish the template.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 12.10.35 PM.png


Additional Notes

  • You can use these templates for loose dockets (tickets) (dockets/tickets not attached to any orders) straight away 

  • Use the best practice workflow and add these on a client-level


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