Timesheet Submission Options Timesheet Submission Options

Timesheet Submission Options

Adam Klug Adam Klug

There are two different timesheet submission options in Assignar. You need to work out what will be the best method for the workers and office. Here are your options 


This is the method you currently use through an allocation a worker click check in when they starts the shift and check out with a sign-off when they finish a shift.


  1. You receive a geolocation at check in and check out of allocation

  2.  You get the exact time a worker checks in and out


1. Guys can forget to check out of a shift and therefore time in skewed 

2. Dashboard users will need to manually any timesheets that fall outside of standard hours as you can’t preset times. 

3. The worker must hit check in and check out on the day of the allocation for the Timesheet to work. 


This is linked to the allocation and when they press + Timesheet it will create a timesheet based on the task time set in the order. If they need to change the start or end time they can adjust it manually.


  1. No need to manually adjust every timesheet that is submitted 

  2. The worker only needs to do it at the end of the day 

  3. The time submitted will be consistent with what is allocated. 


  1. Geolocation can only be captured at submission. As regular timesheet is submitted at the end of the day. 

  2. You won't capture exactly to the minute timings like you would with check in and check out. 

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