Basics: Form Question Types

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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When you build a form in Assignar, there are different form question types that you can use and here is an explanation of each one: 

  • Multiple option response – This allows you to choose whether the question will be a single option response, multi-option response or a drop down select.  If you select a multiple choice question it automatically is a single option response. If you require a multi-select or a drop down select, you need to tick the appropriate box for it to change. 

  • Number field – Type a numeric response in an answer field (numbers only). If you tick the Has Asset Number this links back to the asset's current number reading. 

  • Text Field – Type an alphabetic response in an answer field. It's a short answer response question type. 

  • Text Box – Type a response in a larger comment-sized box. This allows for a detailed response 

  • Signature – Sign using the touchscreen of a mobile device.

  • Image capture – Attach an image by taking a photo or using an existing photo on a mobile device.

  • File Upload - This allows you to upload a file to the form.

  • Date – Pick a date from a scrolling list.

  • Time – Pick a time from a scrolling list.

  • Date & Time – Pick a date & time (combined) from a scrolling list. 

  • Asset – Be able to select an  Assets, use Asset tags to filter the list or leave blank to include all.  

  • Worker – Be able to select against a Fieldworker, use User tags to filter the list. 

  • Heading – Introduce groups of related questions, no response required.



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