Advanced: Timesheet Codes Advanced: Timesheet Codes

Advanced: Timesheet Codes

Adam Klug Adam Klug

Timesheet codes are the codes that you associate to your Pay Rates and Charge Rates in Assignar. These are identified in your Accounting Software and is typically a number. You cannot create a pay rate or charge rate without a timesheet code. There is also a limit of 200 time sheet codes that can be entered into the system.  

Add Timesheet Code 

  1. Go to Timesheets & Dockets Timesheet Codes 

  2. Click + Add New 

  3. Add in the Code - I.E. 1001

  4. Add in a label - I.E. Base Rate

  5. Click Save 

If you try to delete a timesheet code and you have it associated to Pay or Charge Rate Groups in Assignar, it will not allow you to remove the code. 

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