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In Assignar, your workers can submit leave requests which can then be approved via the dashboard. Our Availability section will then allow you to see when your workers are unavailable due to leave. 

To set this up you will need the following modules: 

  • Forms 

  • SMS

  • Worker Availability 

Step 1 - Create Custom Form Status 

When creating a custom form status we suggest creating one called Approved.  

Step 2 - Creating Leave Form 

  1. Go to Forms > Click Add New Form 

  2. Add title "Leave Request Form" 

  3. Select a notification email address (note every leave request will be emailed to the address you select)

  4. Choose a user to Assign on Submit 

  5. Select a status for when the form is submitted. We suggest "Pending" 

  6. Click Save 

  7. To build out the questions in the form follow this article 


You have completed setting up your leave workflow process in Assignar! Our next article talks about how to use it every day. 

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