Advanced: Invoicing from a Timesheet Advanced: Invoicing from a Timesheet

Advanced: Invoicing from a Timesheet

Adam Klug Adam Klug

You've carried out works for a client and your worker have submitted a timesheet against the order that you created, now it's time to invoice the client.

  1. Set up charge rates against a task 

  2. Add any chargeable items 

  3. Approve Timesheets 

  4. Go to Orders Orders and search by the date range and client and click search, all the orders for that client in that date period will appear. 

 4. Tick which orders you would like to invoice

 5. Once you've selected the orders you want to invoice click the Generate Invoice Button and select Invoice by Timesheet.  


6. An invoice pop-up will appear and now you can start to enter and check the information and save the invoice. 

 7. Check and enter any contact details of the client you are sending the invoice to. 

 8. Select your invoice date and payment due date, PO # (optional), External ID (optional) and Invoice Status (we suggest all invoices sit in pending until paid) 

9. You can edit invoice information including account codes, description, and price. If you want to add any items, click the Add Line Items button. When you're happy click Save Invoice.  

10. Make any comments or changes to the footer text including payment terms and details 

11. Add any invoice tags that apply and also attach any documents including dockets or PO's. Click Save. 

Once you've saved the invoice it will live under Invoices Invoices. If you are wanting to download or email it here is how: 

  1. Go to Invoices Invoices Click context menu (3 dots) and click edit 

  2. Once you're in the invoice click the context menu on the top right (see image below) and select from the following options: 

  • Download PDF - download the invoice as a PDF 

  • Export to Xero - allows you to export and import directly to Xero

  • Send Email - email the invoice directly from Assignar to your client, note it will come from a email, we suggest cc'ing yourself. 

  • Add a Journal Entry 


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