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Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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Conditional Questions are a way for your forms and workers to operate smarter. They allow your workers to by pass irrelevant questions and only show the applicable questions based on answers given. 

Conditional Questions can be used and linked to all question field types. There first needs to be a main question for then the following questions to be conditional off. 

For example on a Vehicle Checklist form a question may be:

  1. Are the brakes working ok?

Based off what the workers answer, you can ensure only the applicable question will be shown if the conditions of the first question have been met. Otherwise, the form will then just move along for the guys to continue answering, unaware of the hidden questions. 

For example:
If the answer YES is given, the form can be continued.
If the answer NO is given, a question of "Please take a photo of the defect" could then show. 

To set this up, you will need to tick the conditional box on the question you want to show based on a specific answer.
Once this is ticked, three drop down options will appear:

Explanation of the drop downs
Should Display - Two options will show. Yes or No. This refers to if you would like the conditional question to show.

When the question
- select which question you would like the current question to be conditional off

Has the value - Two options will show. Any value or specific value. This is where you will define if this question will show if a specific condition has been met ie. An answer of YES or if any values have been entered/answered. 

Enter value - If you have chosen a specific value in the previous drop down field, the specific value will need to be entered here. It is important to note that it needs to be exactly as is in the previous question as it will pick up the exact spelling, spacing and lettering. 

Here it is in action: 

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