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How to add Documents to Assignar

  1. Under Resources, navigate to the Documents page.
  2. Tap Add new Document
  3. Enter a document name 
  4. Select a Document type using the drop down
  5. Optionally, add Tags. This is useful when you want to search or filter for similar documents.
  6. Optionally, make it Public. Turning this on will make it available to all workers in the mobile app.
  7. Save


Which Document type should I choose?

If you want to upload a document to a Client, Project, Supplier or Asset, choose either:

Document Type Description
No Expiry Select this if the document does not require expiry alerts.
Date Expiry Select this if the document requires date-based expiry alerts. For example, annual registration renewal.
Number Expiry Select this if the document requires number-based expiry alerts. For example, 1000 km service or 1000 operating hours service.
Date and Number Expiry Select this if the document requires either date or number-based expiry alerts, whichever comes first. For example, 10,000 km service, or renewal at 30 Jun.


If you simply just want to share an attachment with workers on site, then choose

Document Type Description
Attachment Generic document attachment that is visible globally.


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