Basics: Add A New Document Basics: Add A New Document

Basics: Add A New Document

Adam Klug Adam Klug

So you've got a new document you need to share with your workforce on site or track the expiry of a document, here is how you add a new document in Assignar: 

  1. Click Documents Documents Add new Document to create a brand new document.

  2. Enter a document name. This will appear in the drop-down list of documents in other Dashboard screens.

  3. Click to select a document type from the drop-down list:

  • No Expiry – The document does not require expiry alerts.

  • Date Expiry – The document requires date-based expiry alerts, For example, annual registration renewal.

  • Number Expiry – The document requires number-based expiry alerts. For example, 1000 km service, or 1000 operating hours service.

  • Date and Number Expiry – The document requires either date or number-based expiry alerts, whichever comes first. For example, 10,000 km service, or 30/Jun, whichever comes first.

NOTE: If you select any of the above document types, this will allow you to upload a document file when you add the document to a client, project, supplier or asset. If you want to share an attachment with workers on site, then the attachment document type is best. 

  • Attachment – Generic document attachment that is visible globally.

  • Click in Tags to select one or more document tags (optional) from the drop-down list. Document tags can be useful later when you’re searching or filtering for similar documents.

  • Click on the Public toggle switch to change the document from non-public (white) to public (blue), and vice versa. If a document is public it is available to all users in the My Documents menu of the Fieldworker app(regardless of the document tags specified in the User Access tab of their Fieldworker details).

  • Click Save when you’ve finished creating this new document. 



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