Journal Entries

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Journals can be created and viewed in the following places in the Assignar Web App:

  • Orders

  • Projects

  • Forms

  • Assets

  • Clients

  • Timesheets

  • Users

  • Suppliers

Journal Entries can include text and an optional image attachment.


Create and View Journals

In all cases, Journals are available as a Tab along the top of the item’s detail view, as shown below.

View Journal entries by scrolling the list, or by selecting using the search bar to find the entry you are after - you can search on the Journal Entry’s content, or by the person who added it.

Create Journal Entries by selecting “Add New Journal Entry”. In addition to Journal Text, you can attach any kind of document to your Journal Entry. Once created, Journal.

Edit Journal Entries by clicking on the “Comment” text of an existing Journal entry to enter editing mode.


Order Journal Entries in the Mobile App

You can now optionally make Order Journal entries visible from the mobile app. When you create a Journal entry on a Work Order, select “Show journal in mobile app”, and that journal entry will be available to all workers allocated on that order.

It is completely optional to show Journal entries in the mobile app - you need to enable this on each Journal Entry that you create.

Workers who are allocated to this order can access these Journal Entries in their app from the menu within their Allocation.

Workers can also create new Journal entries for Orders they are allocated to. Go to the allocation, select Journals, then “+ Add New”. Order Journals now appear in the Activity Feed, so you’ll be able to see when new journals are created by workers.

Journals created by workers are visible to all workers. You can change this by toggling the “visible to workers” button.

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