Set Up Custom Printing

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You can download and send your Form Results externally using a customized template, that is suited to the look and feel of your company. 


To setup your custom template, first open the Custom Printing page

  1. Under Field Data, go to the Forms page.
  2. Select the Form that you want to setup custom printing for.
  3. In the Preview panel, tap Custom Printing.
  4. You'll see a bunch of variables (e.g. {$id}), which will be important to note in the next step.



Next, let's build your custom template

Using a Document software (e.g. Microsoft Word), start to build your template. We recommend using tables as they are great for organising information on a page. 



Next, start adding in those variables from the Custom Print page into your template

Copy the variables (e.g. {$id}) you want to use from the Custom Print page and paste it into your template like below. 


If you have any questions with multiple choice, you can add them to your template which will show up as ticks.



When you're happy with your template, save it as a .docx file



Back on the Custom Printing page, upload your template

You can either drag and drop your .docx file into the dotted box (as shown below) or tap Upload Template. 



And finally, Save!

The next time you go to download the PDF of your Form Result, it will download with your custom template applied.

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