Setup Employment Types

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Who this feature is for

  • Those set up as a Dashboard User with access to Employment Types page in the Assignar Web App.
  • Typically admin, responsible for setting up Assignar

You can create Employment Types (e.g. full time, casual or permanent) in Assignar and set them for your workers, which is useful if you want this as part of a skills search.


How to add a new Employment Type

  1. Under Resources, go to the Employment Types page
  2. Tap Add new employment type
  3. Enter a name.
  4. Save


Next, let's setup your worker's employment type

  1. Under Resources, go to the Fieldworkers page. Note: You can also setup employment types for Dashboard Users too.
  2. Select a worker
  3. Change the workers employment type under the employment type field
  4. Save User

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