Introduction: Deactivated Users

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Adam Klug
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From time to time you have employees who leave the company and therefore you need to disable their access to Assignar. 

Deactivated Dashboard users cannot login to Dashboard, and deactivated fieldworkers cannot login to the Fieldworker app.

Deactivated fieldworkers are not available in drop-down lists in other screens (e.g. Orders and Timesheets) or report filters (e.g. Worker Timesheets) and are excluded from any SMS Contact Groups. Tasks cannot be allocated to deactivated fieldworkers, however, all existing orders and timesheets can still be viewed in the system.

How to deactivate a user  

  1. Go into Users Dashboard Users / Fieldworker Users (depends what type of user you need to deactivate) 

  2. Search for the user you wish to deactivate, click on the context menu (this is the 3 stacked dots to the far right) and select from the drop-down Archive User 

  3. A message will appear saying "Are you sure you want to archive User: [name]", click Ok (if you're unsure, click cancel) 


View deactivated dashboard user/fieldworker list

  1. Click Users Deactivated Users to see a list of all your deactivated users.

  2. Start typing in the search bar to filter the list or search for a specific archived user, e.g. by name or by user tag.

  3. Click ˅ or ˄ at the top of any column to sort the list alphabetically (or numerically, depending on the column) in ascending or descending order.

  4. Click the light blue Journal Entries button next to a deactivated user to manage the user's journal entries.

  5. Click on any row to make it editable in the list. Add or update what you need and click Save when you’re done.


Restore a deactivated user

  1. Click on the context menu on the right and the Restore button 

  2. You will see a message asking “Are you sure you want to activate [Dashboard      user/fieldworker name]?” Click OK(or cancel if you’re not sure).


Delete a deactivated user

  1. Click on the red cross button next to a deactivated Dashboard user / fieldworker in the list to delete the user altogether.


  2. You will see a message asking “Are you sure you want to permanently delete [username]?” Click OK (or cancel if you’re not sure).



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