Basics: Add Dockets To Timesheets

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Sometimes timesheets are submitted without dockets attached, so the dockets get sent in later. The dockets list shows all dockets received or created separately, that have not yet been added to a timesheet.

The process is different for Completed Dockets (digital dockets), and Captured Dockets (photo dockets)

Link a Timesheet to a Completed Docket

To link a Timesheet to a completed Docket, start from the Timesheets list. Find the timesheet you want to link to a docket, and click on Link to Digital Docket button.

Now select "Link to a Digital Docket". If a docket has been submitted against the same Client, Project and date as this timesheet, then you will be able to select it to link them.

Link a Captured Docket to a Timesheet

  1. Click Timesheets & Dockets Dockets Add to timesheet (green calendar button next to a docket in the dockets list) to see a list of fieldworker timesheets. Approved timesheets are highlighted in green.

  2. The default filter for timesheets in the list is the past two weeks, based on Timesheet Date. To change this, select a different date range in the drop-down calendar and/or change the Date Filter to Time Submitted, then click the Search button.

  3. Click in the Users field to select one or more user names and show only timesheets for those users.

  4. Click in the Task drop-down list to select a task and show only timesheets for that task.

  5. Click in the Client drop-down list to select a client and show only timesheets for that client.

  6. Click in the Project drop-down list to select a project and show only timesheets for that project (only available if there are projects specified for a selected client).

  7. Click the Search button to filter the timesheets list based on your selected criteria.

  8. Start typing in the search bar to filter the list or search for a specific timesheet/s, e.g. by a user (fieldworker), order, client, project, docket number or timesheet date.

  9. Click ˅ or ˄ at the top of any column to sort the list alphabetically (or numerically, depending on the column) in ascending or descending order.

  10. Click Add docket next to a timesheet in the list to attach the docket to that timesheet (you can view or edit the docket below the timesheets list). You will see a message confirming that the docket has been added to the timesheet.

  11. You will see that the docket no longer appears in the Dockets list.

Delete a Docket

If you delete a docket it will be removed from the dockets list permanently. Deleted dockets are no longer available to add to a timesheet .

  1. Click Timesheets & Dockets Dockets Delete (red button next to a docket in the dockets list).

  2. You will see a message saying “Are you sure you want to delete [docket number]?” Click OK (or cancel if you’re not sure).

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