Basics: How to send an SMS from the dashboard

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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You can create and send SMS messages to fieldworkers, contacts or other mobile numbers quickly and easily from the Dashboard. Each SMS can be sent to one or more workers or contacts using the mobile number stored against them in Dashboard, and/or you can enter any other mobile number. You also have the option of using predefined contact groups. You can type whatever message you like, or you can save time by using a predefined template.

Compose SMS

  1. Click SMS Compose to write and send an SMS.

  2. Select one or more fieldworker names from the dropdown list in the ‘To’ field. Dashboard will use the mobile number stored against each fieldworker.

  3. Select one or more contact names from the dropdown list in the ‘To’ field. Dashboard will use the mobile number stored against each contact.

  4. Select a predefined contact group from the dropdown list in the ‘Select Group’ field. This will automatically add all fieldworkers or contacts in that contact group in the ‘To’ fields above.

  5. Enter any mobile number/s, using international format (no plus sign). For example, 61414xxxxxx. You can add up to five mobile numbers in this field, with a comma between each one.

  6. If you’re sending a common message that has a predefined template, click to select it from the ‘Choose Template’ dropdown list. You can make changes to the template text in the main message if you like.

OR Type a message from scratch in the Message box. [fname] and [lname] variables will personalise your messages by substituting the fieldworker’s first name or last name when the message is sent.  The message can be up to 320 characters long.

NB. Dashboard automatically removes any non-standard characters (e.g. tabs, emoticons, international characters) and replaces them with ‘?’ so you have visibility.

  1. Click Send to deliver the SMS to all fieldworkers, contacts and/or mobile numbers above. Just like sending an SMS from your phone, once an SMS is sent it cannot be changed.

NB. If you are sending to more than one recipient and the message does not contain [fname] or [lname] variables,  it may be blocked by SMS spam filters.

  1. To view an SMS after it’s sent, go to the SMS Outbox.

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