Add, Edit, or Delete Skills

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About Skills

A skill is usually made up of one or more competencies (qualifications), however, it is also possible to create a skill with no competencies (qualifications). These skills can be linked to tasks either directly or via assets.

How to add a skill 

  1. Go to ComplianceSkills
  2. Click +Add new skill

  3. Enter the skill name

  4. Select any competencies (qualifications), if applicable

  5. Select a sub skill, if applicable

  6. Save Skill

How to edit a skill

  1. Go to ComplianceSkills > click on the skill you'd like edit
  2. Make the appropriate edits
  3. Save Skill

How to delete a skill 

Note: If you delete a skill it will be removed from the skills list permanently and it will also be removed from any tasks or assets that use that skill. Deleted skills are no longer available to select in the dropdown list of skills when adding or updating a task or asset.

  1. Go to ComplianceSkills
  2. Click on the three dots next to the appropriate skill > Delete
  3. A message will appear asking, “Are you sure you want to delete [skill name]?” Click OK to delete, or Cancel to go back.

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