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A skill is usually made up of one or more competencies (licences or certifications), however it is also possible to create a skill with no competencies. Theses skills can then be linked to tasks either directly or via assets.

Adding a new skill 

  1. Click Skills & Competencies & Inductions Skills Add new skill 

  2. Enter the skill name. You can then choose to add in any competencies if applicable. 

  3. Select a sub skill (if applicable).
    What's a Sub skills? It is a skill that this new skill can also perform. For example, a sub skill of a truck licence could be a car licence. This means that if you're looking for a worker with a car licence, the system will give you all workers will a car licence as well as a truck licence. NB: This field is optional

  4. Click Save Skill when you're finished creating this new skill. You will see a message to confirm that the skill has been added. You can always come back to edit this skill at a later date. 


Editing a Skill

  1. Click Skills & Competencies Skills Then select which one you wish to edit

  2. Make any changes required - edit name, competencies, sub skill etc and hit save. 

Deleting a Skill

If you delete a skill it will be removed from the skills list permanently and it will also be removed from any tasks or assets that use that skill. Deleted skills are no longer available to select in the dropdown list of skills when adding or updating a task or asset.

  1. Click Skills & Competencies Skills Find the applicable skill. Click the three dots in the far right column and select archive skill

  2. You will see a message saying “Are you sure you want to delete [skill name]?” Click OK (or cancel if you’re not sure).

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