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Adam Klug
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The import function allows you to import data into Dashboard in bulk, including Contacts, Suppliers, Assets, Clients, Dashboard Users, Fieldworkers, Tasks, Skills and Competencies.

NB. Not all Dashboard users will have access to this function. This is defined in the User Access tab of the Dashboard User details screen.

Import data

  1. Click Settings Import to see your import options.

  2. Click Choose File to browse your files and select the Excel spreadsheet that contains the data you want to import.

  1. Select the sheet (tab) name in the Excel file that contains the data you want to import. You will see a preview of your data at the bottom of the Import screen.

  2. Select a Dashboard module from the dropdown list where you want your data to be loaded/imported into.

  3. NB. The contacts import will also update existing records if applicable.

  1. Depending on which module you have selected on the left, a list of one or more columns will appear on the right. This is a list of Dashboard fields that you can load data into for this module. Any fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory and must be imported, but all others are optional.

  2. For each Dashboard field, select the column in your spreadsheet that contains the data to load into that field. Your spreadsheet columns will be available to select from a dropdown list.

  3. Click the Import button when you’re ready to load the data from Excel into the selected Dashboard module. You will see a message confirming the number of items that have been saved.

  1. Repeat steps 2 to 7 to import data into other Dashboard modules, or just go to a different screen by clicking an option in the side menu.

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