Basics: Dashboard & FieldWorker App Audit Trail

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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Has someone in your team changed something in the dashboard or a FieldWorker has told you they've submitted a time sheet but you can't see it in the dashboard?
The audit trail registers all these changes, allowing you to go back and see what was changed or submitted on a certain date. 

The audit trails tracks and registers the following user actions in the system, so you can see who’s done what and when they did it:

  • Dashboard log ins

  • FieldWorker log ins

  • Timesheet add/edit/approve functions 

  • Timesheet uploads

  • Allocation acceptance/rejection

  • Changes/amendments completed in an order

  • New invoices created 

  • Password updates

  • Personal detail update

  • Docket uploads

  • Form submissions

  • Competency updates

  • New competency requests

  • Creating a new tag

To run the Audit Trail report:

  1. Click Reports Audit Trail to run a report showing listing actions in the Dashboard and Fieldworker app.

  2. You will see a list showing all user actions in the system (last 500 records).

  3. Start typing in the search bar to filter the report or search for a specific user action/s, e.g. by module, actioned by, user name/type, description or date/time.

  4. Click ˅ or ˄ at the top of any column to sort the list alphabetically (or numerically, depending on the column) in ascending or descending order.

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