Advanced: Resources Timeline Advanced: Resources Timeline

Advanced: Resources Timeline

Adam Klug Adam Klug

The Resources Timeline gives a flexible Gantt chart view of orders by assets or workers. You can refine the view using flexible search criteria so that you can zoom in on exactly what you want to see. There is also an option to export the resources timeline data to Excel.

  1. Click Orders Resources Timeline you need to set up a view template by selecting the following options:
    - Workers or Asset
    - Tag (optional) (asset or worker tags display here)
    - Scale - Hour, Day, Week, Month (it will default to day)
    - Zoom - you can choose to zoom out 0.01 or in 1.0
    - Sort - by worker, allocated to, allocated from
    - Filter Rows - Type in what you are searching for on the Y axis
    - Date period - You search by set periods or a custom date range
    - Client
    - Project
    - Task
    - Order Tag
    - Order Owner

   2. Once you've selected your search options click the green pin button to save your   search selection and click the Load Timeline button. 

It will produce a view like below 

Export Resources Timeline to Excel

  1. Click Orders Resources Timeline Export to Excel to extract timeline data to an Excel spreadsheet for the currently displayed timeline.

  2. Click the Excel file at the bottom of the screen to open the spreadsheet.


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