Legacy: How to add timesheet activity details

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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  • Select the date of the timesheet

  • Add one or more activities and the times for each activity. E.g. Load/Unload, Travel to/from site, Site.

  • Enter how many minutes were spent on Break and check that the Total number of hours is correct.

  • Tap to tick one or more allowances, if applicable.

  • There are two ways to attach a docket (if you don’t have the docket now, you can always send it later in the Dockets screen). If you tap Take a Picture it will open your camera so you can take a photo of the docket now. If you tap Select From Gallery it will open your photo library so you can choose an existing photo of the docket.

Attach a docket image

  • Tap Take A Picture to take a photo of the docket.

  • Check the photo to make sure all details are clear and in focus. If it’s blurry or incomplete, tap Retake.

  • If it’s good to go, tap Use Photo to add it to the timesheet.


  • Tap Select From Gallery to choose an existing photo of the docket.

  • Tap OK to allow Fieldworker to access your mobile device’s photo library. You’ll only need to do this once. If you change your mind, tap Don’t Allow.

  • Tap on the docket photo to add it to the timesheet.


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