Intro: General Navigation of the Dashboard

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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As you click through the dashboard, you will find that in Assignar, there will always be the same general navigations through out each module. 

The top black menu bar and the left side tool bar will always be there to help you move around to different screens and functions no matter where you're at in the dashboard.

Upon logging into the dashboard, there are a few key navigational options on the home page to note:

  1. The left side tool bar shows each module used in Assignar. By clicking on any one of these modules, a drop down will appear allowing you to select from specific items found within the module.
    To hide this tool bar, select the three lines next to your company logo. 

  2. The top menu bar shows how many field worker licenses / inductions (orientations) or documents for assets / asset attachments / suppliers are expired or expiring soon. Click on any one of these icons to see a list of each  

  3. Click on your username in the top menu bar to the right to see your profile, product updates, access our support and documentation, view subscription details and also to log out.
    Our support chat can also be accessed via the blue chat box in the bottom right corner. 

This video also runs through navigating the dashboard:


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