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Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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You're sending out SMS to your workers and contacts and wondering what the different status's mean in the status column, here they are defined below.

  • Queued - Is when you have hit send on an SMS, indicating your request to send a message was successful and the message is queued to be sent out.

  • Sent - Once the user's telecommunications carrier has accepted the message for delivery to the SMS network, the status is updated to sent.

  • Delivered - This means Assignar has received confirmation of message delivery from the user's telecommunications carrier, there are some cases where a confirmation message is not received and the SMS status will stay in sent status

  • Received -  All inbound messages will have this status, indicating the message was received by your Assignar number.

  • Failed - This means the telecommunications provider did not accept the message and hence delivery failed. 

  • Undelivered - Assignar has received a delivery receipt indicating that the message was not delivered. This can happen for a number of reasons including carrier content filtering or availability of the destination handset. 

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