Advanced: How To Share Documents With Users

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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You have a company document that you want to share with your workers who work out of the office. It could be to all of them or a specific group for example supervisors. 

  1. You need to upload the document into the documents module. Go to Documents Add New Document. Add the document name and document type. If you are wanting to upload a file please select ATTACHMENT

2. Upload the file from your computer and click Save
3. Add a document tag, if you don't have a document tag, add a new tag under document tags on the right-hand side and click save. 

4. Add the tag to the document by clicking the context menu on the document and adding in the document tag 

5. Click Save 

The next step is adding the document tag, to a specific user's profile so they have access to it in the Fieldworker App

  1. Go to a user's profile in the dashboard and click edit 

  2. Go to User Access

  3. Find the Document Tags and click on the bar and add in the applicable tag. 

Next time the user logs into the app and goes to My Items My Documents they will be able to access the document

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