Set Up SMS Templates

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How to create an SMS template

  1. Under SMS, go to the Templates page
  2. Tap Add New SMS template
  3. Enter your SMS template name
  4. Add your SMS message content (review SMS best practices)
    • For best deliverability, we recommend using no more than 320 characters
    • Avoid using non-standard characters (e.g. emojis, international characters) as these will automatically be removed and replaced with "?"
  5. Save

Note: the default SMS template when notifying workers cannot be changed. However, you'll have the option to select the custom SMS template you've created.

Using variables in your SMS Template

You can use variables in your SMS template. This is helpful when you want to send a personalized message to multiple workers with particular details of their Assignment in the SMS. 

Variable Name Description
[fname] Recipient's First Name
[lname] Recipient's Last Name
[client] Client Name
[project] Project Name


The Order Description

[job_number] or [work_order]

Order Number


Location (address) of the Order


The recipient's Assignment start date


The recipient's Assignment start time


The recipient's Assignment end date


The recipient's Assignment shift duration


The recipient's Assignment contacts



SMS Template What Recipient Sees

Good morning [fname], just a reminder that you have an Assignment today:

Shift Start: [start_time]

Project: [project]

Location: [location]

Good morning John, just a reminder that you have an Assignment today:

Shift Start: 07:00

Project: South Elati Parking Lot

Location: 1315 N Elati St, Golden Triangle, Denver, CO 80204



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