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The payroll weekly export allows you to extract daily data from fieldworker timesheets and export that data to a formatted Excel spreadsheet. You can then upload the data into other financial or payroll systems.

NB. If your Dashboard is set to lock timesheets after export in View/Edit Settings, timesheets can no longer be edited after they have been included in a payroll export (a padlock icon will appear next to the timesheet in the Timesheets list).

Export weekly timesheet data

  1. Click Payroll Payroll Weekly Export.

  2. Click to select a week starting date from the dropdown calendar. All timesheets for the week commencing on this date will be exported.

  3. Click to select one or more users (fieldworkers) from the dropdown list (optional). If you don’t select any workers, the export will include timesheet data for all fieldworkers.

  4. Click Export to extract timesheet data to an Excel spreadsheet for the selected week and user/s (if applicable).

  5. Click the Excel file at the bottom of the screen to open the spreadsheet.

  6. NB. This may appear slightly differently depending on your computer’s settings.

Weekly timesheet data in Excel

  1. Exported timesheet data is formatted into an Excel workbook with a separate worksheet/tab for each fieldworker. Click on a fieldworker’s tab to see their timesheet data.

  2. Scroll to the right to see totals for each fieldworker.

  3. All standard Excel functionality is available to view and analyse the data.

  4. Save the spreadsheet and/or upload the data into a payroll system.

  5. Close the Excel spreadsheet when you’re done.

In the Dashboard Payroll Payroll Weekly Export screen you can now run the payroll export again using different settings, or just go to a different screen by clicking an option in the side menu.

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