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Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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You have Documentation that you want to share with your workers and also track expires of. This is what you will use our documents module for. 

The documents module has two functions: 

  1. Upload documents and share them with your team on the field 

  2. Create document types and attach them to assets, clients, projects or suppliers to track expires.  

This is where you manage your supplier and plant and equipment (asset) certification and registration, which are referred to as documents.

  • A document may or may not require an expiry date or number-based expiry.

  • A document may simply be a generic attachment that is available to view in the documents list/screen or may be attached to one or more assets/suppliers. E.g. Instruction manuals, etc.

  • Each asset/supplier may require one or many current documents.

The expiry dates you enter in the Documents tab of the asset/supplier details screen are tracked by the Dashboard, supporting expiry alerts and reporting.


The Documents module contains the following sub menus:

  • Documents

  • Document Tags

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