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Add a new timesheet

  1. Tap Timesheets from the main menu.

  2. Tap Add Timesheet to add a new timesheet.

  3. Start typing the client name for this timesheet and select a match from the drop-down list.

  4. If there is a project/s specified for this client, you need to select a project for this timesheet from the drop-down list.

  5. Once Client details (and Project details if applicable) are filled in, a list of Tasks will appear.

  6. Select a Task and then select an Asset from the list that appears under the task (if applicable).

  7. Enter a Location (optional).NB. This will automatically populate if an address has been specified for the project in Dashboard.

  8. Tap Go to Activities.

  9. Tap on the back arrow ‘


10. In Activites, you can add the breakdown of what you did out on site.  Each time you need to add more time, click the Add Activity button. 

11. Add in your break time if it is more than the allotted amount.
12. If you have a docket, take a photo and add in the docket number.
13. Sign the timesheet (Note this might be signed off by a supervisor on site)

14. If you've signed the timesheet, there is the option to email it to someone like your site supervisor or client.
15. If you're happy with all the information you've filled then click submit

16. Once you've submitted your timesheet you will get a message saying "Success, your timesheet has been submitted" 

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