Get Started: Downloading the Fieldworker App Get Started: Downloading the Fieldworker App

Get Started: Downloading the Fieldworker App

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(The Assignar Fieldworker App works on both iOS and Android)

Getting real data from the field starts with great Fieldworkers reporting on resources, challenges and accomplishments.

Dashboard Users: Try and add your Fieldworkers to your Assignar Instance before asking them to download the app. That way they can download the app and confirm access — all from the start.

Steps for Fieldworkers (Using a mobile phone or tablet)

  1. On your mobile phone, open the App Store (Apple/iOS) or Google Play (Android) app
  2. Search for "Assignar" or "Fieldworker"
  3. Download the Assignar Fieldworker App 
  4. Using the information given to you, sign into the Fieldworker App
  5. Let your employer know if you have successfully signed in
  6. Get work shifts, locations, descriptions and more from the Assignar Fieldworker App

Finding the Fieldworker App in the Apple App Store 

Using your iPhone or iPad, launch the Apple App store. Now search for "Assignar" or "Fieldworker" to locate the Fieldworker App, click on the "GET" button to start. The "GET" button will change to "OPEN" once the app has fully downloaded. Ensure you have your sign in credentials, and see if you can access the account.


What You'll Need to Sign in: Client ID, Username & Password


Remember: Let your manager know you were able to access your account. For Android users, please follow the directions above. Just ensure your Fieldworkers are using the Google Play Store.


Share this page as needed

Feel free to share this page with your team. They can can click on the banners below to download the Fieldworker App for iOS or Android from their mobile device. Optionally, you can copy and paste the links below to send to your Fieldworkers too. Feel free to send them both links if you are unsure if they are using iOS or Android.

iOS App Store Link


Google Play Store Link







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