How to use our SMS Module

Adam Klug
Adam Klug
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This is our SMS module. Here you can send SMS to your workers, contacts, and clients. It's a communication tool between your office team and your mobile workforce. It allows everyone to view any conversations that occur and it lives in one place instead of everyone's own mobile.

Two things you can do to streamline your use of the SMS Module are: 

1) You can set up Templates, SMS templates erase the need for you type out the same message every day. Instead make a template and when composing a SMS, select the template and click send! Some Templates we recommend are: 

  • Check the Assignar App for your allocations

  • Please complete your Machine Pre-Start before your shift. 

2) We have the option to create Contact Groups, this is if you need to message all your supervisors or just your truck drivers. You can use the user tags to select which users go into your contact groups. Read more about how to create a contact group

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