General Updates — September 2021

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Items marked with the 🏢 icon are subject to our Enterprise Release Process.


Scheduler Performance Improvements 🏢

To make the main Timeline easier to use for customers with many workers and assets, we’ve reduced the time it takes to retrieve and show Recommended Resources and for loading Shifts too.

Other Changes

  • Scheduler Order Form: Roles are now listed in alphabetical order.
  • Scroll ability added to find Roles on for editing on the Order page.
  • Ensured views are more durable and scalable within the Scheduler.
  • Significantly improved rendering times of the Projects list view (landing page).
  • Workers with existing Leave (submitted through the Fieldworker App) will be rendered unavailable for the allotted time.

Time and Quantity Tracking

Tracking assets in Site Diary 🏢

Supervisors can now add assets to Site Diaries, giving users a way to track which asset a Fieldworker used. Please note that when you allocate an asset to a Fieldworker (via the Scheduler), we automatically pair this asset to the Fieldworker in the Site Diary.

Client / Project Order Changed 🏢

On the Scheduler Order Form, we’ve switched the order of the ‘Client’ and Project’ fields on this page. Project now appears first, allowing you to select the project, and we’ll populate the client field for you immediately after.

Other Changes

  • We’ve added completed_at & completed_by columns to the Timesheet Field in Insights – enabling payroll officers to see completed timesheets.
  • For Timesheets, we no longer update the “modified date and time”, when you change the order to which the Timesheet is associated.


  • Run reports to see which Fieldworkers are checking in and out of a specific project location.


  • We’ve added global search to the Fieldworker App. Finding what you need is at your fingertips.
  • We remedied an issue so Project start and end dates always appear correctly on the Project details screen.

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