GPS: September 2021 Releases GPS: September 2021 Releases

GPS: September 2021 Releases

Aaron Ross Aaron Ross

Server administration is now in app! Administrators will no longer need to change between tracking applications and Site Admin in order to change server settings. Use the redesigned main menu to access your settings. 

Don't forget to test the features in preview release and provide feedback. Vehicle Status (beta) became customizable with last month's release - you get exactly the data you need with a status template for each role and use case. We've made the new Tracks the default for all users so that they can enjoy the great experience. 

Check below for the full notes.


Developer & System Administration 

  • New main menu design in tracking applications. 
  • Always show new Tracks version on page load. Changing back to Tracks (Legacy) version won't persist after a reload. 
  • More security in user creation: allow operators (or another role) to add new users of only pre-approved roles. Remove Empty (Advanced) user type and add option to create user type if none are available. 
  • Enable automatic updates of client resources: faster bug fixes and less downtime due to updates. 


The following languages have been updated over the past month: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Spanish. 



  • Improve address lookup performance when having many POI Groups. Previously POI address lookup ignored "Use In Geocoding" settings and used all POI Groups as address source. 


  • Localize tooltips in Tracks. 


User Experience 

  • Fix bug where the Vehicle status panel appeared empty in certain cases when switching applications. 
  • Fix bug where the events table isn't loaded due to an error with the columns order. 


  • Publish view works again (applies to Google Maps only). 


  • Fix missing POI geocoded address in the vehicle list in /m mobile site. 
  • Fix issue causing Archiving to fail when exporting POI data. 
  • Fix duplicated POI groups under POI related privileges in roles. 
  • Fix fetching shared POI categories through REST. 
  • Re-enable Save button on POI category. 


  • Fix issue with tracks sometimes failing when entering large time intervals. 


  • Fix slow loading of the Reports menu in VehicleTracker. 
  • Remove misleading information in dispatch import. 
  • Fix System.ArgumentNullException in Reporting Field Scripts. 

New Feature Fixes (recent beta) 

  • Fix missing search field for reports menu. 
  • Fix bug where the unlock button looks cut off in Server Administration Settings. 
  • Settings -> Localization -> Geocoding address format can now be edited again. 
  • Fix a bug that caused the "Leave page" popup to appear even after saving the Localization form in Server Administration Settings. 
  • Fix localization key for “Trigger time” in Server Administration -> Settings -> Cleanup page. 
  • Disable add SMS/Email button before unlocking. 
  • Add missing punctuation in settings and update some copy. 


Tracks (Legacy) was deprecated with last month's release. Upon page load, the (newer) Tracks is always displayed. 

As of August 17, 2021, Assignar removed support for Internet Explorer 11. IE11 users will receive a warning in their browser. If you haven't updated your browser, we recommend it. 

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