Estimating — September 2021

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In 2019, Assignar introduced an estimating component to its portfolio. The estimating functionality was created through a partnership with a company called Lula Build. In January of this year, Trimble Inc. (NASDAQ: TRMB) acquired Lula Build. The Lula estimating software is now marketed as Trimble Quest. At this moment, the software is still available as Assignar Estimating.

However, this will change: in December we will migrate all users to the new Trimble Quest environment. From a functionality point of view, nothing changes: your estimating software will continue to work the way it does today. What does change is the look and feel, which will receive an upgrade to match Trimble’s user interface standards.

Also, the latest product updates will be included in the Trimble Quest software. You can start to use the Trimble Quest software with your existing credentials today. Enter in your browser to open the app. In December, we will reroute all application users from the current to this address to make the transition easier.

Going forward our support team will work with the team at Trimble to answer your questions. Software renewals will also be handled by Trimble. Please reach out to our team via  if you have questions - we’re happy to work with you through this transition.

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