Congratulations on getting through the first step!

Assignar can truly come to life with all your people, equipment, and clients in the system. 
Now, it’s time to organize your fieldworkers into roles

Roles are the type of work your fieldworkers do. 

For example, an asphalt work order requires several roles to get the job done: truck drivers, paving crews, and mix producers. All of these roles require people to complete it. 

Why am I doing this?

When people are tied to the type of work they can do (roles), Assignar makes it super easy to find who you need to schedule them and complete a work order.

Here’s how to do it (click to see the video below):


Here are the steps:

  1. Click ‘Resources’ on the left-hand menu, and then click 'Fieldworkers'.
  2. To view the individual profile of your fieldworkers, click on their name.
  3. If the type of work a fieldworker can do (their role) was uploaded in the import process, you’ll see their designated role under ‘Roles’. If you did not, click ‘Roles’ and choose the all that apply to that fieldworker. 
  4. Under ‘Tags’, include words that will group that individual with other similar fieldworkers, such as their location or crew type. Think of this as a way to further categorize them
  5. Click ‘Save User’ at the bottom of the page. 


Next, you’ll organize your equipment, so you can schedule that, too. 

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