The Next Generation Assignar Navigation The Next Generation Assignar Navigation

The Next Generation Assignar Navigation

David Martinez David Martinez


What You Need to Know

  • The Assignar Web App Navigation will be updated in the first quarter of 2022
  • No items are being removed or replaced (outside of Reports)
  • The change will be done incrementally to communicated segments 
  • Please use our Product Portal links below to add to the conversation
  • The latest Navigation is illustrated at the end of the article (subject to change)

You Spoke and We Listened

Though we knew rebuilding our navigation would take time and effort — we also knew that by speaking with customers, and running studies — that we could create a design that greatly improved the experience.

Change is Never Easy

Like almost anything new, change will always be seen as a challenge before it can be declared a benefit. Most people don’t like change, especially with familiar experiences. Even when experiences can be improved, we knew we’d be asked "What makes the new version better?".

Shorter Paths are Happier Paths

We knew the existing navigation had a few things going for it. It stands as a comprehensive list of what you can do in Assignar. From our design team's perspective, this is one of the fundamental experience challenges of “what do we show, and what do we hide.” Though our current approach is a great attempt at illustrating transparency, we learned some users found it hard to traverse, due to the hefty number of choices and how deep the information was in each category. Anything we could do to lighten the load using a "top down" approach would be better.

Mixing Best Practices with Design Intuition

Our design and product leadership, equipped with their existing knowledge of the industry and users — set out to change the naming and grouping of content within Assignar. One of the goals was to highlight all the highest level categories, and ensure they each contained highly related items. After a handful of iterations that more accurately reflected our customer's needs, we had a capable design worthy of testing.

Adding Observational Science to the Mix

Without showing our users the new design, we created an experiment to test the new grouping of labels and nested links. The goal was to decipher if the new approach tracked more closely with our customer’s mental models of how they got their jobs done. The test results told us the designs were moving strongly in the right direction.

Integrating the New Design

Soon we’ll fully integrate the new design into Assignar. We’ll be leaning heavily on our Customer Success, Design and Product teams to help answer questions that may come up during the transition period. 

A Segmented Roll Out

Once we have a working version of the new Navigation worked into the product, we’ll be rolling it out in a staggered and careful format. After clearing usage with our smaller groups, we'll then roll it out progressively to the larger segments.

Use Our Product Portal for Feedback

If you'd like to contribute to this conversation, we'd love to hear from you. You can use our Product Portal to vote on on this update and leave comments.


Our New Navigation (as a Bulleted-List / subject to change)

  • Dashboard
  • Project Data
      • Clients
      • Client Tags
      • Projects
      • Project Tags
      • Suppliers
      • Supplier Tags
      • Contacts
      • Contact Tags
      • Work Item Codes
      • Archived Clients
      • Archived Suppliers
  • Resources
      • Assets
      • Asset Tags
      • Attachements
      • Attachment Tags
      • Fieldworkers
      • User Tags
      • Dashboard Users
      • Employment Types
      • Tasks (Roles)
      • Task Groups
      • Documents
      • Archived Assets
      • Deactivated Users
      • User Search
  • Compliance
      • Skills
      • Competencies
      • Inductions
      • Mobile Uploads

  • Work Planning
      • Scheduler
      • Orders
      • Order Tags
      • Activities
      • Chargeable Items
      • Project Timeline
      • Resource Timeline
      • Archived Orders
      • Incomplete Orders
      • Reports

  • Field Data
      • Timesheets
      • Timesheet Codes
      • Forms
      • Form Results
      • Form Statuses
      • Dockets
      • Site Diary
      • Allowances
      • Reports
      • Archived Allowances
  • Invoices
      • Invoices
      • Account Codes
      • Invoice Tags
      • Settings
      • Taxes
  • Reports
      • Data Visualizer
      • Competency Matrix
      • Expires
      • Client & Project Time
      • Daily Out
      • Fatigue
      • Audit Trail
      • Payroll Daily Export
      • Payroll Weekly Export
  • SMS
      • Inbox
      • Outbox
      • Compose
      • Contact Groups
      • Templates
      • Reports

  • Settings
      • View/Edit Settings
      • Terminology
      • Audit Trail
      • Import
      • Webhooks

(end of Navigation)

Major Expanded Menus in a Visual Format

(Core menu items, not all menus included)


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