Insights Licensing: Creator vs Viewer

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Creator vs. Viewer Features




Create Reports


Create Dashboards


Save Reports / Dashboards


Share Reports / Dashboards


Download Data

Schedule Reports / Dashboards

Access ready-to-use Reports / Dashboards


Add or Remove Licenses

  1. Go to SettingsInsights Licensing
  2. Click the ▾ button next to the appropriate license type (viewer or creator), then select a user from the list
  3. To remove a user, click the ⅹ next to their name
  4. Save

View or Request Licenses

  1. Go to SettingsInsights Licensing
  2. Next to each license, you'll see how many licenses are being used and available
    • [# of licenses being used] / [# of licenses available]
  3. To request more licenses, click Request more licenses
  4. A confirmation message will appear stating your CSM will contact you

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