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Since Assignar serves Australia, New Zealand, the United States and handful of other countries —  we do leverage words that are "Interchangeable" within the experience, based on what country you are in.

Many countries use different terms which mean the same thing. On top of this, our "Terminology" feature allows you to set your own custom terms based on what your company requires seeing. All benefits do come with some cost, and for us — it's knowing which terms to use in our support pages, so you can get exactly the help you need. 

What we will do going forward in Support is to use the original terms (from Australia) but also inform our readers that these terms also have equivalents (specifically the US ones) as needed. That way, we'll be sure to communicate any differences you'll may see while using our Support Documents.

Note, to access the Terminology section within Assignar, just sign in, go to Settings and click on the Terminology link to see any term conversions.


Below are the most common interchangeable terms:

AU / Base Term

US Equivalent


Assets ➡ Equipment A vehicle, piece of machinery or tool used on a jobsite
Tasks ➡ Roles This is a job type, such as an electrician, plumber, traffic controller, heavy equipment operator  
Skill ➡ Skill (same) This is a type of ability to complete a job type
Competency ➡ Qualification A license or certification that can should be linked to a Skill
Induction ➡ Orientation These are safety briefings delivered to prior to reaching a jobsite
Allocate ➡ Assign To "assign" a job to an individual or piece of machinery
Chargeable Item ➡ Material An article, or type of material brought to jobsite to be leveraged
Docket ➡ Ticket These are files that describe charges proposed to clients prior to invoicing, typically around work hours, but can also include assets used
Dry Hire ➡ Rental (Asset/Equipment) Renting Equipment or Assets without a Human Operator
Wet Hire ➡ Rental with Operator Renting Equipment or Assets with a Human Operator
Order ➡ Work Order A defined segment of work
Suburb ➡ City An area of land as described by local maps
USI ➡ Employee Start Date USI is an educational number issued by the AU government for individuals who continue their education

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