Legacy: How to add progress against an Order in Site Diary

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A supervisor can add progress against an Order in their Site Diary.

To do this, the Order must have a Budgeted Quantity set against it. To learn about setting the Budgeted Quantity, click here.

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  1. In the FW App, navigate to the Site Diary page
  2. Open the relevant Site Diary
  3. Scroll down to the Work Completed section of the Site Diary
  4. Tap the 'Edit' button
  5. Type in the amount of work completed for the day
    This can either be a raw number (e.g. 100 linear feet), or a percentage (e.g. 10%) of work completed
  6. Type any comments if necessary
  7. Upload an image if necessary
    The comments and image can be used to explain progress if it is not as expected
  8. Tap the save button
  9. Complete the rest of the Site Diary and Submit

To learn more about Site Diary, click here.

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